Bellur: Giving Back to Mother India

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February 2014 was the last time I was blessed by the physical presence of Yogacharya Iyengar. Seeing him daily filled the heart with warmth and expansion. As he said, “I live in my cells , I live in my heart.”

One day that month I introduced Veronique Porter and her daughter, Chloe, who were visiting India. Veronique was presenting Guruji with a small version of her Sahasrara Chakra Mandala Painting and meeting him for the first time. She created the original work as a fundraiser for the Bellur Village Project and the Clennell film Sadhana, and it was to be housed in the educational complex in the village.

Guruji spoke of the Bellur project to us. He explained that it was a pilot project as the teachers and students both practiced yoga. He told us of his transformation through the practice of yoga. From TB to health; from little education, to author of many books. From village child to yogi. He paved the way for us all through his personal quest, being the R&D master of yoga.

Making yoga available in the Bellur schools provides students with a jump start. It was Guruji’s wish that this project continue. We are the future now. For more about the village project click here.

The next day Veronique, Chloe and I were off to visit the village and see firsthand the impact made. The painting was to arrive at the village the day before thanks to Deb Moore, a student at the Center who had connections with FedEx!

The following is part one of our 2 day visit. All photos were taken by Chloe. We arrived at night by cab from Bangalore airport. Silhouettes of temples… read more…

Light On Yoga remains the world’s ‘Bible of yoga’

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Iyengar Certification: An honored tradition of study, service, commitment to excellence

logo_redOur Center recently hosted a three-day-long certification assessment in which a dozen aspiring yoga teachers were assessed on their knowledge and skill in practicing and teaching the method set forth by B.K.S. Iyengar. The weekend included a written exam, demonstrated asana and pranayama practice and teaching a class of students. When passed they become … read more…

The Empowerment of a Guru

Just seeing Guruji Iyengar in any asana feeds something within. Be that a still picture, a U-Tube video, never mind those of us who had experienced him live.

Being in the presence of a Guru fills the spiritual layers.

His impact on millions of lives, and his opening of the many dimensions of yoga is continuing to unfold.

The rippling effect goes farther than our perception. Transformation has come, is and will be.

Guruji Iyengar paved the way thru yoga sadhana. The path is fresh.

We are blessed to be here in this moment in time, influenced by his life of dedicated practice to the well being of all.

His life and passing makes one humble. That is to acknowledge this grace of being connected to him.

Let us take hold of his teachings and rekindle yoga in our lives. It is a chance of empowerment. He lives on.

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