Carolyn Belko: Taking a Magic Carpet Ride

Center Director Carolyn Belko is in Pune, India this month studying with Guruji and the Iyengars. Our blessings are with her as she travels, studies and learns. We look forward to her return! Read on to learn a little more about our teacher who so generously shares Guruji’s light and love with us all.

Who would’ve thought that a sometimes strict and frequently demanding Iyengar Yoga teacher would say about practice: “As soon as you stand on the mat, it’s almost like a magic carpet ride.”

“Guruji often says to us that getting on the mat is the most important thing,” Carolyn explains. “In other words, the laundry list of things you thought you had to do before you got on the mat kind of melts, disappears and completely transforms when your practice is over and you get off the mat. So practice helps put everything in order even though a lot of times you think you have to get everything in order before you get on the mat.

“What happens is that you’re connecting with your inner knowledge…read the full article…

Blacons Yoga Intensive Retreat in August

Blacons sunflowerStudents interested in registering for the Blacons yoga intensive in July or August with Faeq Biria can download a description of the intensive and the registration form.

A scholarship fund at the Center has been established to help with expenses for Blacons. If you are interested in applying for the scholarship, please ……read on…

Developments in Bellur – Video

This video gives a glimpse of the developments in the village of Bellur – the birthplace of the legendary Yogacharya BKS Iyengar. This village did not even have a high school till 2005. The Bellur Trust (a charitable Trust) is working hard towards providing health, education and employment for the villagers. Do not miss the yogasana demonstration by the village kids…watch the video…

Getting on the Mat: Attend a Home Practice Workshop

Home Practice WorkshopA great way to start the New Year is by exploring what you have learned in yoga class at home. This workshop will help you get started on a home practice or help you refine and revitalize your ongoing home practice. You will find that having a home practice is a gift you give yourself. Topics to be covered include how to find a time and place that work for your schedule, how to sequence within a practice, how to develop “daily” sequences, and how to use available resources…read on…

Parking Issues on Tuesdays & Thursdays

Some might say it’s not a bad problem to have… but for the other tenants in our building, no parking spaces when they get to work are a big problem. To alleviate the issues with parking, Iyengar Yoga North County has been taking action to help the situation ranging from reserving spots for other tenants to traffic monitors. Here are a few guidelines for the Tuesday and Thursday morning classes.

  • ‘Red cones’ are put in parking spaces reserved for other tenants of the building
  • Feel free to double-park behind any vehicle with an ‘Iyengar Yoga North County’ decal on the back window.
  • Please do not park in the lower lot…read on…