Travels to India: Witnessing Bellur’s Transformation

This past trip to India brought me unexpectedly to Bellur, Mr Iyengar’s Natal village near Bangalore. He and his family have taken the proceeds of his teachings and invested it tremendously in the village. Imagine my surprise, as we were having a coffee, that the check from our Center’s fund raiser last December arrived there the same day I did! We were given the full tour. The following is what was revealed.

This was my second time visiting Bellur. It was incredible to see how much it has evolved and how alive it is three years later. All of the progress is thanks to Mr. Iyengar and his family, and to their students who contribute in various ways.

The primary school, which was opened in the 1960s, was jam-packed with students… on…

Guru Purnima

This month is Guru Purnima, the time we remember all great Gurus. Unlike popular culture, to be a guru is to be a teacher beyond one’s self, transmitting that which is divine, everlasting knowledge.

We have all been touched by Mr Iyengar, whether we have received his teachings of yoga directly or through his certified teachers. I hear stories illustrating the impact of these teachings on a weekly basis. Let us remember how blessed we are to be living on the earth at the same time as him.

The best way to send Yogacharya Iyengar thanks is through practice. Take advantage of the July Challenge and Open Practice this month to allocate extra time to your yoga practice.

July Yoga Challenge is On

Take your practice up a notch during July by

  • attending the Summer Intensive
  • adding another day to your home practice
  • add extra classes to your schedule

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The Polls are Open… for Best Yoga Studio San Diego

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IYNC wants to be a drop-off point for a CSA (Community Sponsored Agriculture)

Are you interested in organic vegetables and fruits from local growers? Local organic growers will deliver boxes of freshly picked organics through a CSA program – 11 to 15 different seasonal items. Costs range from $22 up per box, depending on the size of box you choose, delivered weekly or bi-weekly. Boxes can be shared, too. If you are interested … read on…

Summer South Indian Cooking Class

If you haven’t taken one of Sailaja’s classes yet, now is the time! The next class is Thursday, July 12th at 10:00 a.m. at Sailaja’s Encinitas home, not far from Iyengar Yoga North County. Class cost is $25. The class concludes with everyone sharing the prepared meal together.

“One way of serving and pleasing God is to cook adhyatmic food, serve it to guests and see them happy. Our guests’ happiness is a kind of blessing from God,” Sailaja explains. She donates proceeds from the cooking classes to Mr. Iyengar’s Bellur Trust project.

Sign up for the class by contacting Sailaja Pasupuleti 760-230-0931 or via email at