Studying yoga in India with Geeta and Prashant Iyengar

Mr Iyengar’s daughter, Geeta, and son, Prashant, conduct classes regularly at the Institute.

Only a couple of classes this time were with Geeta because she was traveling. Each time it just felt like I was home again. I’ve taken so many classes with her over the years when I’ve been in India. Each time, awakened by her teaching. When she teaches she does not allow you to leave that room. Not even for a split second. You’re so intensely within the yoga pose. It’s incredible the amount of energy and compassion that she gives.

I had quite a few classes with Prashant, and I was able to talk with him about yoga practice and yoga philosophy. He has an approach in his yoga classes where he wants us to experience our bodies as a laboratory. He asks us to practice in such a way where we’re not doing pose after pose after pose. Prashant would guide us to be extremely meditative in the practice. He worked a lot with transforming through breathing. He would say that this is where we have to go after we’ve learned the ABC’s of practicing yoga. That it’s up to us to practice in this very internalized way… Read on…

Yoga Therapy Benefits IYNC Breast Cancer Survivor

Even in the best of circumstances it’s no small feat getting your life back after twice being diagnosed and treated for breast cancer. But each time, yoga practice helped with recovery. First, it was yoga asana that helped make sitting in meditation more comfortable. Then, with a more serious diagnosis and aggressive treatment, yoga therapeutics. facilitated healing and recovery.

Leucadia resident and Iyengar Yoga Center of North County (IYNC) student Mel Gould, 59, was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2005. Mel wanted to sit in a simple cross-legged posture for meditation as she coped with surgery and recovery. Even though she was slim and fit, her stiff inner groins made it difficult to sit comfortably this way… Read On…

Any Questions?

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Indian Dance with Shibani Patnaik and Live Musicians June 3rd

Shibani PatnaikIyengar Yoga North County is delighted to host the final show of Shibani Patnaik’s US tour on June 3rd at the yoga center. Two other Patnaik sisters have performed at the Center during the past year at sold-out shows and we’re expecting this to be no different.

Shibani will be accompanied by musicians from India for this dance performance to make this evening extraordinary, so reserve your space.

The theme Shibani will be presenting is “Samsara – The Cycle of Life”. Samsara is the soul’s journey through the cycle of birth, death and reincarnation. Throughout her presentation, Shibani integrates different aspects of multimedia, multi-lingual text and features special music choreography by Maestro Ravi Shankar to provide a multi-sensory experience. While Shibani is deeply rooted in tradition, she provides a unique perspective in her individualistic style without sacrificing the core essence of classical Odissi dance…Find out more about this performance…

Yoga Tip #1: A New ’20 Minute Yoga Fix’ Home Practice Sequence

In case you missed last month’s Home Practice Sequence Sheet for Level 1 beginners, you’re encouraged to download it and get your home practice started!

That download was the most popular item ever in our newsletters. The feedback has been great! Yoga centers across the country are using it as a handout for their classes. Over 500 people downloaded that sequence sheet!

Says one of the students using last month’s sequence:

I used the sequence sheet and it took me about 45 minutes to complete. It actually might have been shorter if I hadn’t nodded off during the savasana!

This month, the Center has created a new shortened version we’re calling the 20 Minute Yoga Fix. For those days that you don’t have a lot of time to practice, this new ’20 Minute Yoga Fix’ is a simple sequence you can follow at home.

We’re starting a new series of weekly Yoga Tips, so watch our postings on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. This quick yoga sequence is the first in the series. You can download the 20 Minute Yoga Fix sequence here.

A New Circle of Friends: Join IYNC on Google +

Thanks to Paul Uhler, our social networking giant, Iyengar Yoga North County now has a Google+ page. Add us to your Circle and get updates there by clicking on the Google+ link in the left column, right under that big Find Us on Facebook banner.

Since Paul started working with the Center on social networking, the Twitter crowd has swelled to over 2,600 people and our Facebook friends have jumped from a mere 16 to 226. He’s looking to help build a following on Google+, as well, so lend him a hand. Paul is the guy who posts those fabulous quotes from Mr. Iyengar. We are eternally grateful to him for all the hours he puts in on this project.

The Center is starting a new series of Weekly Yoga Tips, which will be posted to all our social networks. The first in the series is the new 20-Minute Yoga Fix sequence sheet. Find out more about that here.