October 2012

Guruji’s Genius Turns a Common Brick into an Essential Yoga Prop

Yoga bricks, (often called blocks by Americans), are another important tool in the Iyengar Yoga practice repertoire. Most of the bricks used at Iyengar Yoga Center of North County in Encinitas are made of wood. This sturdy Earth-element provides solid support to help students enhance and experience the benefits of yoga poses.

Yogacharya B.K.S. Iyengar pioneered the use of many props we take for granted today, bricks among them. The original yoga bricks were made of terra cotta and were the common building-construction type brick. Carolyn remembers practicing with Mr. Iyengar years ago in Rishikesh, India, and using terra cotta bricks. A deep experience to study there with him at the foothills of the Himalayas, in a place considered sacred by so many yogis.

Used to “raise the floor” when the floor or ankle can not be reached in Triangle Pose, Utthita Trikonasana, a wooden brick gives one feedback all the way up to the top arm. One can then take the shoulder blades into the back and open the chest, as well as open the rest of the trunk. More images and text about using bricks during practice…

‘Yoga Unveiled’ Film Screening Oct 14 in Encinitas

The film documentary ‘Yoga Unveiled’ will be shown in Encinitas at the La Paloma Theatre on Sunday, Oct 14th at 3:30pm. The director Gita Desai will be in attendance and hold a discussion with the audience. Guruji is featured prominently in the film, as well as prominent yoga scholars, teachers and medical experts such as Indra Devi, Pattabi Jois and Dr. Oz. Admission is $10, booked online at Brown Paper Tickets. See the entire movie poster by clicking here.

Student Spotlight: Embracing a New Reality

It takes courage to step away from a successful engineering career to pursue a different path. But Iyengar Yoga Center of North County student Shabbir has done just that. He credits Iyengar Yoga with opening the eyes of his heart to more deeply explore a long-held desire to give back to others as he has received.

An electrical and computer engineer by training, Shabbir was experiencing some health issues in 2009 when a doctor referred him to Iyengar Yoga therapeutic classes. …Read more about Shabbir’s journey…

Pranayama Classes start Oct 11th

Pranayama, popularly known as the regulation of the breath, will be held in place of the Thursday night Level 1 classes between Oct 11th and Nov 1st. Get started in Pranayama or deepen your practice. This month-long class is limited to 4 weeks, starting Oct 11th and ending Nov 1st ~ Thursdays 6:00-7:15pm. No need […]