Iyengar Yoga for Bone Density & Osteoporosis

When I first started teaching yoga 20 years ago, students asked if they still had to jog or do cardiovascular exercises to keep fit, in addition to their yoga practice. I would answer, “if you are into jogging etc. go ahead , but regular yoga practice will meet your cardiovascular needs.”

Today the question is about weight lifting.

The answer again is, “If you are into weight lifting, go ahead, but yoga practice promotes good bone health!”


Please know that in yoga practice as set out by BKS iyengar, we are lifting our own body weight and helping our bone health.

Yoga is a weight-bearing exercise.

We have a method not just of moving the joints, which promotes increased circulation to the joints and the bones, but methods of squeezing the bone with the layer of muscle closest to the bone. At the same time we extend the bones, we are using muscle strength of lifting body weight.

Yoga Headstand Pose Sirsasana II and Indian Dance Videos

Carolyn Belko Sirsasana II demonstrationThose of you who came to the September Open House were treated to an Iyengar yoga demonstration by Carolyn Belko, as well as Indian dance by Shalini Paitnaik. Carolyn demonstrated Sirsasana II with variations (headstand) with power and grace. This video has initiated a collection of Iyengar Yoga North County videos on youTube. Shalini performed traditional Indian dance which she has been performing since she was a child.

Kids Yoga Makes a Comeback Oct 18th

Deanna Cramer will be teaching Kids Yoga on Tuesdays for kids between 8-12, from 3:30 to 4:15pm. Cost of 4 classes is $40. Deanna is a teacher with over 15 years in the academic environment and has been practicing Iyengar yoga for nine years. When asked how teaching children differs from working with adults, Cramer […]

Open Your Mind, Your Body, Your Spirit in Neeta Datta’s Next Workshop

Students who’ve had the privilege of participating in one of Neeta Data’s previous workshops at IYNC will tell you her teaching helps you move beyond your preconceived notions of your yoga practice.

She herself says her hope is that students come with an open, receptive mind and with a true interest in receiving her teaching and learning about yoga as a subject.

Since moving to California in 1988, Neeta annually has traveled to India to study with Mr. Iyengar and with his daughter, Geeta, and son, Prashant. Her studies began with the Iyengars in 1975 while she was still a teenager. By 1981, she’d been asked to assist in classes Mr. Iyengar was teaching in Mumbai. Today, she is among the 13 most senior Iyengar teachers in the United States.

Move Beyond Your Personal Plateau

Many of us follow a routine of taking a set schedule of classes each week. With a little extra initiative, we may also practice at home. But to help move your practice beyond what may have become a plateau, IYNC practitioner Sami Bitar says a weekend Workshop or Intensive is the answer.

“The workshops really stretch your boundaries,” Sami says. “You‘re learning new poses that you may only see once every few months, and it’s always interesting to learn something new.”

Sami was in Carolyn’s recent Fall Intensive weekend where part of the focus was on hip openers. “I found that my hips opened up for several weeks after the Intensive and now they’re gradually sort of closing again. I’m looking forward to Neeta’s workshop so I can open them up again!” he said.

Teacher Profile – Jessica Montgomery

One of the best things about yoga is learning surprising things about yourself through practice, particularly when guided by an inspiring and skilled teacher. Our teachers have unexpected facets, too, and it’s fun when some of them spill out.

Consider the following about IYNC’s Jessica Montgomery, who teaches the ongoing Intro Yoga class at 9 a.m. every Friday…